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Lunar Magic

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Lunar Magic is a level editor created by FuSoYa for Super Mario World. The interface runs on Microsoft Windows and allows people to create custom graphics and edit levels and the world map. It has many features and is an extremely advanced editor. Some of these features are custom palettes, overworld editing, custom Map16 pages, custom graphics, entrance/exit modifying, support for custom blocks, sprites and (recently) custom music. It is quite easy to learn and includes a help file. After a 4 year hiatus, FuSoYa released version 1.64 on September 24, 2009, followed by version 1.65 on October 1, 2009, then version 1.70 on April 1, 2010, 1.71 on April 17, 2010, and then version 1.80 and 1.81 on September 24, 2010. Version 1.82 was released on October 31, 2010, and on September 24, 2011 FuSoYa released version 1.90 at the 11th anniversary of Lunar Magic! On May 5, 2012 FuSoYa released Lunar Magic 2.00; it can load a DLL by Alcaro which runs an emulator inside of Lunar Magic.

As of 2019, Lunar Magic is the only known public level editor for Super Mario World.


Level Editor

  • Point and click Layer 1 and 2 editors
  • Exit and Destination editor
  • Time Limit and Music setting editors
  • MAP16 (blocks) settings editor

Internal Emulator

To use the internal emulator, LMSW must be downloaded and extracted in the same folder as Lunar Magic.

  • Test a level inside of Lunar Magic
  • Edit a level while playing it
  • Optional: Use a different emulator by replacing retro.dll with another implementation of libretro.

Overworld Editor

Title Screen Editor

Credits Editor

  • Point and click editing of the tiles from the Credits scene

Compatible ROMs

  • "Super Mario World (U) [!].smc" - This is the standard North American version SMW ROM. This offers the best support, and is the ROM recommended for editing.
  • "Super Mario Bros. 4: Super Mario World (J) [!].smc" - The Japanese SMW ROM. However, editing of the Japanese ROM is limited.
  • "Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World (U) [!].smc" - The North American SMAS + SMW ROM

It is recommended that you get a clean, unmodified "Super Mario World (U) [!].smc" ROM for your hacking, as that is what the various tools and patches available at SMW Central are designed for.

Also, it worth noting Super Mario Advance 2 editing is possible with Smallhacker's experimental tool.

Lunar Magic Release History

Version Number Date
1.00 September 24, 2000
1.01 October 2, 2000
1.02 October 10, 2000
1.03 October 28, 2000
1.10 December 25, 2000
1.11 February 9, 2001
1.20 May 20, 2001
1.30 September 24, 2001
1.31 October 1, 2001
1.40 December 25, 2001
1.41 January 1, 2002
1.42 February 9, 2002
1.43 June 15, 2002
1.50 September 24, 2002
1.51 September 24, 2002
1.60 September 24, 2003
1.61 December 25, 2003
1.62 April 11, 2004
1.63 September 24, 2005
1.64 September 24, 2009
1.65 October 1, 2009
1.70 April 1, 2010
1.71 April 17, 2010
1.80 September 24, 2010
1.81 September 24, 2010
1.82 October 31, 2010
1.90 September 24, 2011
1.91 December 25, 2011
2.00 May 5, 2012
2.01 May 20, 2012
2.12 March 13, 2013
2.20 September 25, 2013
2.21 December 25, 2013
2.22 February 11, 2014
2.30 September 24, 2014
2.31 November 20, 2014
2.32 January 14, 2015

Easter Eggs

Level Editor


Upon opening a ROM in Lunar Magic, immediately type in Chelsea, case sensitive. A message will appear stating "Chelsea is *really* cute!" The editor's icon will change. From versions 1.10 to 1.30, this unlocked the Overworld Editor: press Ctrl+O to open it. From 1.30 to 1.63, this unlocked the Title Screen and Credits editor.

Alternate Super GFX Bypass

Simply press Shift+F4 in the level editor to unlock an alternate Super GFX bypass. In this one, instead of browsing from a list, you can simply type in the number of the files you wish to use. It also has a box with the currently active GFX files for viewing purposes.

Sprite 19 fix

Press Shift+F8 in the level editor to install a fix for Sprite 19 (Display text from level Message Box #1). However, if Mario's starting position is a submap, Level 1C5 will be used for the intro level instead of C5.

8x8 Extended GFX Viewing

Open the 8x8 editor and press Ctrl+Shift+Page Down. Now you can view much more GFX; i.e. Mario's GFX, but you can't edit them.

16x16 Sprite GFX Viewing

Open the 16x16 editor and press Ctrl+Shift+Page Down. Scroll all the way down for the sprite GFX.


Open the 16x16 editor and press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + F1 + N + O + Insert to open up the window where you can import backgrounds made with Pic2SNES. It's a nice method to get nice backgrounds you normally can't rip.

Overworld Editor

Chibi Moon

There is an Easter egg where if you open the overworld immediately after opening a rom and then type in ChibiMoon. (case-sensitive. There is no text box to enter it into- just don't click anything and type it) The editor's icon will change and the status bar will say, "ChibiMoon is cute!" At this point, you can press CTRL+E to bring up a dialog box. Type in the name of your hack (no more then 21 characters long) and press OK, and it will lock your hack and change the rom name in the rom header to whatever you typed in.

The World Is Not Enough

Open the OW editing window, and navigate to the "change events passed" box under the Overworld menu. Open it, and go to the dialogue box. Type in "The world is not enough!", (case sensitive) and hit escape. Now you have a star to view. Repeat the process to regain the moon icon. Prior to version 1.43, this also unlocked editing of Super Mario All Stars + World.

Amy Is Cute

Open the OW editor and go to the "Change Events passed" box. Type "Amy is cute!" (case sensitive) and hit escape. A message box will appear and there will be some binary near the top.


After performing the Amy Is Cute easter egg, re-open the change events passed box. Type the binary that appeared in that code (01000001-01101101-01111001) in the box and hit escape. The program's icon in the titlebar is now a Chocobo and the program's name in the titlebar changes to "Wark Wark!"


Finally, after all that, typing poisson into the dialogue box and pressing the X will cause the status bar to change to "...wark?"

Palette Hack

Hitting Ctrl+Shift+F8 allows you toggle the palette hack on the title screen. Normally, the background turns blue when "erase file" is selected, but LM installs a hack that bypasses this when you first save Level C7. You can use Ctrl+Shift+F8 to turn it off, or back on again (changes are saved after you save Level C7).

Mario Overworld Sprites

Mario's sprite in the overworld editor changes on various days. Luigi's is similarly modified from 1.90 on.

  • February 9th: Mario riding a blue Yoshi. This is FuSoYa's birthday.
  • April 1st: Mario riding the Blue Bird. Prior to a certain version, he rode a green Yoshi instead.
  • March 17th: Prior to version 1.90, Mario will instead be Luigi. From 1.90 on, they will both be riding green Yoshis instead.
  • September 24th: Mario riding a yellow Yoshi. Anniversary of Lunar Magic.
  • December 25th: Mario riding a red Yoshi.



By opening the Lunar Magic executable in a hex editor, one can find interesting things, including *.gba files grouped in with the dialogue for Open ROM, and information on several sprites from SMA2. By modifying the executable, it is, in fact, possible to have GBA files available for selection there. The results are interesting, but disappointing ("I don't think so, Tim.").

Weird Text

There's quite a bit of amusing text hidden in the executable. Some of these are related to the easter eggs, some are related but don't appear to be used. Others appear to be bizarre additions.

  • Shortly after the data for the object descriptions, before the sprite descriptions are descriptions from the custom blocks from the original Demo World have their own personal descriptions in the executable.
    • Similarly, there is text around reading "A custom tile programmed by FuSoYa".

The Poem

A poem alluding to many of the hidden features is in the Help files, under "Overworld Help Menu : About Overworld Editor". Interestingly, the part of the poem referring to Mario Overworld Sprites still states there are four days, despite there being five.

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