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SA-1 Pack

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SA-1 Pack is a package of patches for activating and optimizing the SA-1 system for Super Mario World, with emphasis on eliminating slowdown, game limitations and accelerating the engine to the maximum possible. Unlike SA-1 Root, SA-1 Pack is focused for ROM hacking and it includes several features for implementing new features for the game using the chip.

Being the most complex patch made for Super Mario World, SA-1 Pack requires to all other ASM patches apply a RAM remap for warranting compatibility with the patch. However, without the RAM remap, it would have been impossible to accelerate the game because the SA-1 chip cannot access the S-CPU work memory (WRAM).

For implementation details, see SA-1 Root.


  • Makes the game run up to four times faster.
  • Increase the maximum amount of sprites at once on screen to 22.
  • Increase the maximum amount of sprites on a single sub-level to 255.
  • Reduces loading time of all levels and maps.
  • Increase the maximum ROM size to 8 MB.
  • Offers enhanced bitmap and arithmetic capabilities for better graphics performance.

MaxTile System

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