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SnesLab:Guidelines and Conducts

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General conduct rules

  1. Be respectful towards everyone else, do not bully, mock, insult or disrespect other users in any way.
  2. Treat everyone equally, do not engage in discriminatory or hate speech.
  3. Do not engage in conflict publicly. If you have a problem with another user, take it to a staff member or solve it privately. SnesLab is not a place for drama!
  4. Do not advertise your own webpage or community unless you are affiliated to SnesLab.
  5. Do not upload illegal material. This includes but is not limited to: ROMs, free downloads (of movies, games, etc.), torrents, virus and malware.
  6. Do not post NSFW (18+) content.

Forum rules

  1. Do not spam or flood threads.
  2. Respect the subject of every thread.
  3. Before making a new thread, make sure it does not already exist. If you are going to ask for help, it is possible the question you are about to ask has been already answered.
  4. If somebody replied to your post, do not delete it or edit it in a way that would change its meaning.

Wiki rules

  1. Do not vandalize pages.
  2. Make sure any information you add is legitimate and can be validated by external sources.
  3. Respect the templates and formats for creating pages.
  4. Do not create pages unrelated to the interests of SnesLab.
  5. Do not turn your userpage in your second profile or bio, they are not for that!